Church Year in School


On the 6th January, Christians celebrate Epiphany-the 12th day of Christmas when the 3 wise men or kings, visited Jesus.
Father Andreas explained how and why this is celebrated and we looked at photos of Epiphany celebrations in other countries.

It is a tradition to bless a home at Epiphany by writing  20CMB15  above or at the side of the doorway using chalk which has been blessed.
2015 is for the year; C,M,B is for the 3 wise men or kings: Casper, Melchior and Balthasar and also is for ‘Christus Mansionem Benedicat’, the Latin for ‘May Christ Bless this House’.
Father Andreas wrote this blessing above our school building and children wrote the blessing to take home to put by their doors.

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As a church school, it is important to remember the real reason why we celebrate at Christmas. Nativity plays, our Christingle Services and singing for our church and local community, all help us to think about this.

Foundation Stage held their own Christingle service in the church. Father Andreas led the prayers, and Maggie explained that a Christingle orange shows us that ‘God’s love goes all around the world.’

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Class 2 re-told the Nativity in Spanish as part of the Key Stage 1 and 2 Christingle Service.

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Christmas at Cluntergate

Children from Reception to Year 6 sang at Horbury Community Centre’s Christmas open day: ‘Christmas at Cluntergate’. The event raised £500.00 towards the upkeep of the Community Centre.


Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 both performed versions of the Nativity:


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Angels; sheep and shepherds; snowflakes; kings; Mary and Joseph

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Landlord’s Cat

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Advent is a time of preparing and waiting for the arrival of Jesus at Christmas. Father Andreas worked with Class 2 to make a short film which explains this. They showed it to everyone else in school and Father Andreas also used it in his assembly at Horbury Academy.

This year our Harvest Services focused on our Diocesan link school and region of Mara in Tanzania.
We led St John’s Church Harvest Service as well as our own school services and also held an after school fundraising event. These raised a combined total of £800 towards the ‘Water for Life’ project in Mara.
See our page ‘Our Global Community: Mara’ under the ‘Community’ tab for photos and more details.


Each child made a piece of art work to show their own interpretation of Easter and the message of new life.

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We displayed our Easter art over Easter time in church and for our Easter Service.

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