Class 2

Welcome to Class 2
Class Teacher: Mr McHale (2M) and Miss Riley (2R)

Autumn 2 Class Newsletter

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Class News
Week 1: This week we have been looking at our new book ‘The Tin Forest’. We began by filling in applications to be ‘Dream Givers’; an elite branch of mystical creatures that grant the dreams of humans. We then set off on a quest to find a worthy person who deserved their dream granting. On our quest, we came across a land that was in the middle of nowhere, alomost forgotten and surrounded by things that nobody wanted. In that place, there was a house. The children used their imagination to recreate their scene and draw an image of what they believed this place looked like.

Week 2: This week we have been looking at sifting and sorting. We began by choosing one of the mixtures: pasta mixed with magnets, jewels and gems, rice and flour, books or sugar and paper clips. We then looked at the best way to sort each one. We decided that some, like the books, could only be sorted by hand, while  others could be sorted with sieves and magnets. We had lots of fun and can’t wait for next week’s science: exploring magnets

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