Enterprise: The Apprentice Challenge

You’re Hired!

As part of Class 3’s topic of chocolate and Fairtrade, they took on an ‘Apprentice’ style chocolate challenge.

This involved learning about the ‘4 P’ model of marketing: Price, Profit, Placement and Promotion. They were grateful for the professional advice on this from one of our parents, Mrs Amer.

Mrs Jolly helped them explore different chocolate types and cooking methods.

They worked in teams to carry out market research and use this develop a chocolate product, advert and wrapper.

Each team pitched their product to an expert panel including Louise Holmes of ‘Yummy Yorkshire’ ice cream, Mrs Amer and Mrs Harpin.


The teams faced some tough questions from both the panel and their opposition!

The judging panel verdicts were:

Best tasting product: The Candy Bar Kids

Best Financial Awareness: Dairy Delight

Best Scripted Pitch Information: Bojo

Best Ad lib: Choco Monsters

Best Advert: Coco Chocs

And the overall winning team: Coco Chocs