Catering Team
We have our own in-house catering team who are able to produce menus which not only follow the nutritional guidelines for schools, but also fit the children’s preferences.

Mrs Jolly, Catering Manager
Mrs Baines, Mrs Lintott

School meals cost £2.10 per day and should be paid in advance each Monday. Bank transfer is a safe and easy means to pay for lunches. Our bank details can be found by clicking the link:    Payment Methods

Information about eligibility and application for free school meals is available from the school office.
All Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children are eligible for free school meals under the ‘Universal Infant Free School Meal Scheme’. 

Click the link to view the week’s menu:

WB 26 March

Each day there are three choices on the menu, two of which are hot dinners served with a starchy food such as potatoes, pasta or rice and a choice of two vegetables followed by a choice of hot and cold puddings. The third choice is a lighter meal called the ‘Fab 4’ option. This is a choice of items such as a sandwich, salad bowl or soup and also includes a piece of cake, fruit and a yoghurt. Bread and a choice of salads are available for all children having a school meal regardless of which option they choose. There is always at least one vegetarian option. Menus are designed to follow the national school food standards so the meals are nutritious. High fat and sugary foods and processed foods are kept to the minimum

Unlimited jugs of water and squash are available to all children on every table. Semi-skimmed milk is also available to all children from the service trolley. 

To ensure the right number of meal choices are available each day, children are asked at morning register which option they would like.

Should your child have any special dietary needs for religious or medical reasons, the catering staff are always willing to provide for these.  If your child has any allergies please notify the main office. Forms are sent out regularly to keep this information updated. In line with 2015 Food Allergen regulations, a full list of allergens in the food that school produces, is available.  An allergen list is also kept in the kitchen so catering staff are able to answer any queries immediately.

To view allergen list click here

Healthy Meals
There is a strong emphasis on home cooking and healthy foods, with many dishes being directly on site from fresh ingredients. Children particularly enjoy harvesting vegetables from the school garden to then use in the dinners. The catering staff always encourage children to have vegetables and salads and give the children opportunities to try new tastes with samples of new dishes.

Themed Meals
Menus are changed regularly and often focus on events happening within and out of school. For instance, to support class topics we have had a Tudor banquet, a menu showing life during World War 2, Space themed food and in support of the London Olympics we held a week of foods from around the world. 

Other Information
Older children are eager to volunteer at lunchtime helping with a variety of jobs: serving puddings, clearing tables, recycling and composting and tidying up. Occasionally, when class timetabling allows, they also help prepare food for the dinners. If your child is going on a school visit, the kitchen is able to provide a packed lunch with a drink if pre-ordered.

If your child is not having a school meal, we encourage them to have healthy options in their packed lunches. Water and squash are provided for all children so no drinks are needed in packed lunches. This also prevents any potential leaks and spills in lunchboxes. We ask that parents do not include sweets or bars of chocolate in lunchboxes but consider healthier options including a piece of fruit.