Our Church Family: Messy Church

Messy Church is an informal, sociable, after school event held in church and led by the children and Father Brian or Father Andreas. Children and their families can share time together to explore Christian values through being creative, reflective and having fun.

The theme is introduced with a short presentation or retelling of a Bible story, followed by activities such as games or crafts which are linked to the theme of the session. There are songs and prayers with opportunities to respond to and reflect on our values. We end with a shared meal together in the hall which celebrates us all being part of a school and church family. 

Africa: November 2015

The event started of with a reflection assembly led by Father Brian. Children then enjoyed various African themed activities followed by an African inspired community meal.

Feeding of the 5,000: October 2014

Class 2 and Father Andreas acted out the story and asked questions about the characters, and the important ingredients of the miracle: sharing and Jesus. We realised that ‘God can do amazing things’.

We enjoyed singing ‘One Basket’ and making baskets out of lego and card to fill with: finger printed fish, fish beaded jewellery, fish and bread shaped decorated biscuits and bread plaits. Children also wrote prayer placemats and some were read as the Grace before our fish and bread themed meal: fish finger butties!

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Our ‘Trust’ Messy Church started with a short service in church led by Father Brian alongside Class 3 who presented some short video clips they had made showing their thoughts and feelings about trust. We then moved outside where children and adults joined in various fun outdoor trust games including blindfolded exercises.A BBQ and songs around the campfire made a sociable ending to the evening.

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January 2013: Epiphany

In January we held our Epiphany Messy Church focusing on values of thankfulness and love. We thought about God’s gift of Jesus and the gifts of the three kings. Families worked together on craft activities and thought about these values.  We wrote ‘thank yous’ for all the good things in our lives and our hopes for the coming year and placed them by the altar. Afterwards we all enjoyed a’family’ meal together.

In our assemblies (Collective Worship), our value for the half term was ‘Thankfulness and Blessings’. We chalked ’20 CMB 13’ above the school doorways. This is a traditional Epiphany blessing –‘Christus Mansionem Benedicat’ which means “May Christ Bless this Place” in 2013.