What is Phonics?
At Horbury Bridge Academy we use Read Write Inc. This is a progressive, fun and fast-paced programme where children learn rhymes for all the letter sounds and read books which are directly linked to the phonics being taught.
It is the consistency of Read Write Inc. that allows our children to be successful readers. Our aim is to teach children how to read and keep them reading. Reading opens up a world of new vocabulary, imagination, new worlds and ideas. We want children to read because they love it and our avowed purpose is to find books that hook all our children and keep them reading.

Our Results 

Phonics Screening 2013 2014 2015 2016
69%  73% 74% 94% 77% 71% 81% 100%

Phonics Screening
The phonics screening check is a short, simple test taken by Year 1 children each June to assess their reading ability. Parents can watch our short video to find out what happens during the check and why it’s useful. click here 

Parents information
Below, you’ll find links to a series of information and tutorial videos explaining the basics of Read Write Inc. and how you can help your child with their phonics.

Understanding Phonics

What is Read Write Inc. Phonics? 

How to pronounce sounds   and   Sound Pronunciation Guide

Set 1 Sounds ,  Two letters, One Sound  and  Sound Blending 

Story Intro and Sound Check    Reading a story

Speed Sounds      Red and Green Words