Being a Church School

Our Christian Values

Each half term we explore a different value from a Christian perspective. Our values include: Community, Humility, Thankfulness, Forgiveness, Trust, Hope, Respect for God’s World, Peace, Justice, Friendship, Perseverance, Courage
Each class has a reflective area based on the value and children can go and add their thoughts and prayers to the area.

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We thought about choosing 3 or 4 values to represent those which are most important in our school. However, the children disagreed! They said that all our values are equally important and are linked together and that some are more important to some children or at different times. Here is how Class 3 decided to explain their views:


RE is an important way of learning about Christianity and other faiths and thinking about how these relate to our own lives.

Class 3 looked at ‘Inspirational People’ including how Jesus inspired others, the work of Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King. They represented the work of Martin Luther King through a ‘Black and White Equality Dance‘ and shared this with their parents and governors. They decided on how to represent each part of the struggle for equality through their different movements.

When exploring ideas about ‘Prayer’ and its importance in faith, each group decided how to show their understanding of this including through art, dance and by video presentation.


Assembly is a special time of day for us and is one of the ways in which we can explore our Christian values. Key Stage 1 and 2 children have an assembly every day, either together as a whole school or as a Key Stage.

Our assembly table has a cross and candle and has a coloured cloth to mark the different times of the church year:
Green for growing and learning (‘ordinary’ time),
Purple for waiting and preparation (Advent and Lent),
Gold for celebration (Christmas, Easter, Epiphany)
Red for the fire and blood of the Holy Spirit (Pentecost and Saints days)

We begin by greeting each other, listen to the message of the assembly, light the candle for a time of reflection and prayer, sing and wish each other peace to close the assembly.

Each Thursday, we have our assembly in St John’s Church led by a member of church such as Father Christopher or Mrs Margaret Holmes. This is an important way in which our children become familiar with our church and the people who lead it.

Listen to these thoughts on Thursday’s Church Assembly:

In Singing Assembly, we explore the meaning of words in both traditional hymns and modern songs. They also help us to think about our Christian values.

Each Friday, we have an Achievements Assembly to celebrate all the qualities and skills which make our school the special place it is. This includes celebrating our values shown when learning, at play and in sport, as well as the talents that our children use in their wider lives. We remember that each one of us is different, each one of us is special and is an important part of our school.

Pupil Led Assemblies
Children also lead assemblies. They use teamwork and leadership skills to work together to choose a theme, plan and prepare what to do and say, decide on questions to get everyone thinking, pick a song to fit the message of the theme and then take the assembly.

Recent pupil led assemblies include: explaining ‘Pentecost’, having ‘Courage’ to face difficult changes in our lives and thinking who we can ask to help us and a quiz to see how well we understand different Christian values such as ‘Forgiveness’ and how to ‘Respect God’s World’. ‘Humility’ was the whole school value we focused on leading up to Christmas. Children from Class 3 explained this so that everyone could understand what it means and gave examples of how we might show humility by putting others before ourselves and how Jesus did this.

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Class 2:Values Quiz -how do you show these values in your life?

Class 3: Courage- What changes have you had to face in your life?

On Wednesdays, children plan and lead assemblies in their House Teams by acting out stories from the Bible and thinking about the values and messages we can learn from these. This means lots of children can be actively involved in assemblies. Here is what they think of ‘Wednesday Whoosh.’

Assemblies can take place outside as well as inside.
In Spring 2014, we joined churches and church schools across the country in planting poppy seeds to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of World War One. We held a special assembly outside before planting our seeds. Assembly at the end of a visit to Coxley Woods gave Class 3 a quiet time to reflect on the amazing world around us.

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Visitor led assemblies

Visitors come and lead assemblies too. This means the children experience many different styles of Christian faith.

Hand To Mouth Ministries
Hand to Mouth are a small Christian charity based in Huddersfield. They use puppets to explore Bible stories and important messages about Christian values.

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We also have ‘Amazing Journeys’ with Hand to Mouth. These are activities in a quiet, peaceful space where children can reflect and pray in response to different questions and stimulus. Each ‘journey’ is based on a theme such as ‘The Wider World’ or the ‘Lord’s Prayer’.  This gives an opportunity for the children to learn about these areas of Christian life, as well as thinking about themselves and how they feel about the world around them.

Year 6 children have a special ‘Moving On’ journey at the end of the year to help them cope with their feelings about leaving primary school and moving on in the next stage of their education.

This includes thinking about:
How you felt when you were new in this school
Areas of the world where children can’t get an education & why
Thank you for the people I will miss
Making a fresh start/saying sorry
What I am looking forward to
My worries
Tree of hope

Philip Kaye
Mr Kaye is an outreach worker from the gospel church in Skelmanthorpe. He comes each half term and tells stories from the Bible and has quizzes which everyone loves!
These children enjoyed retelling the story, saying what they had understood and how they enjoyed it.

New Life Christian Centre
Jonathan Robinson from the New Life Christian Centre in Wakefield, not only visits for assemblies but also brings his Christmas Roadshow with lots of music, games and fun to help us remember the ‘real’ message of Christmas.

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