Class 3

Welcome to Class 3
Class teacher: Mrs  Findlay
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Callaghan

2016/2017 Curriculum Plan: click here
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Class News
Week 1: We have had a fabulous first week back and are all settling into Class 3. The children are already stepping up to the mark of being the role models for the younger children and are taking on more challenges. As well as thinking about our rights and responsibilities, we have been unpicking what it means to have a ‘growth mindset’ and how by believing and persevering will help us to succeed with so many different things. We have explored different celebrities and how they showed true determination even when they were told they would never reach their dreams. Our growth mindset tree will express when the children have had a special ‘wow’ moment in their learning

Week 2: Employees of the London Historical Research Team were all present for a very important meeting from ‘Miss Andrews’ (Managing Director of Hall for Heroes). She explained that a new, up and coming museum was to be launched in London within the next few months which celebrates the lives of many heroic figures. There is one space left in the Hall for Heroes and it is the historians’ job to complete the hall with a well-deserved hero. The meeting started by defining what a hero actually is before beginning their research findings into whether anybody on board the famous Titanic ship when it sank would be worthy of this prestigious award. Before flying over to Belfast to the Titanic Museum, the historians have been busy researching this tragic event before exploring potential winners of the award and have been learning how to write information texts.

2016/2017 in pictures…

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